While the program helps addicts with problems associated with their specific addictions, the cornerstone is the spiritual therapy.

The Sudarshan kriya is taught which is a powerful breathing technique that establishes mental strength and control, which is critical for emerging out of addiction and further possible relapses.

Pranayamas and meditation regulate ‘prana’ (life force energy). Regular sessions, alongwith psycho-neuro immunology’ (mind-body medicine) activate and harmonize mind and body rhythms as well as emotions, reduce stress, and expand awareness.

Ayurvedic treatments and herbal preparations are also included in the de-addiction program. The uniqueness of Ayurveda is that it removes the cause of addiction and helps in cleaning the toxin elements in the body, giving little discomfort from the withdrawal process

Apart from this detoxification program, the Art of Living conducts stress-elimination programs for addicts across the world. The strength and peace that they derive from the program techniques have helped many to abstain from abusive substances.

  • Help addicts get over their addictions
  • Provide spiritual therapy to strengthen their minds 
  • Provide effective treatment and adopting measures against relapse
  • Devise means of social integration for recovered addicts
  • Help recovered addicts find gainful employment
  • Help patients to develop a positive attitude to take appropriate decisions independently
  • Assist family members to understand the dynamics of drug and alcohol dependant individuals

Course Details
  • Open to all those who need help in overcoming addictions. 
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  • For information on the stress-elimination programs, find a centre near you.