Vaastu Shastra Course

Vaastu – literally means the energy of a building or an open space. Shastra – Science.

Thus, Vaastu Shastra is the science of harnessing the energy of buildings such as residential houses, temples, schools, places of business, open spaces, pieces of land or even entire towns. Driven by Sri Sri’s commitment to bring about a scientific revival of traditional Vedic knowledge and utilizing it for the benefit of mankind, the Art of Living conducts special courses on Vaastu Shastra.

An ancient science with a tradition dating back 6000 years, its fundamental postulates were developed by 18 divine Maharishis (sages/wise men of ancient India, who had attained the highest knowledge in various fields) like Bhrigu, Atri and Vasishtha.

This science has been employed for the past millennia during the construction of any man made structure - be it palaces for kings to schools to housing for common people.

Vaastu Shastra helps in reading the characteristics of houses/plots and explains the effects of the same to the owners/occupants. Since this science is based on the laws of nature, its theories offer us a way ofunderstanding the relationship between humans and their natural environment.

Vaastu Shastra is essentially the art of harmonizing and balancing the changes brought by man to his environment and his natural surroundings. The science helps us to understand how everything is inter-connected and affects our well-being.

  • A 10-day residential program which teaches participants Vaastu Shastra
  • Covers a wide range of topics - philosophy of Vaastu Shastra, its planning and astrological relevance along with case studies and application of vaastu to modern architecture
  • After completion of the course, participants are qualified to use this ancient knowledge in their respective fields for personal growth and development as a professional, as well as for the betterment of society