Trauma Relief

Healing the scars

The world has seen innumerable conflicts and even at present is in a vortex of violence. The victims – innocent people – who have been caught in the crossfire are left vulnerable and wounded. Victims of natural disasters – be it hurricanes, floods, tsunamis – are also left in a start of shock. The Art of Living’s especially-designed trauma relief aim at helping people in trauma.

Disasters – whether man-made in the form of terror attacks or natural disasters - require healing. The Art of Living’s approach for trauma relief is two-pronged – material aid to comfort the victims and stress-elimination to give solace to the mind.

Healing the mind is given equal importance so that the affected persons are able to gather their lives post-trauma and move ahead.

Our trauma relief workshops are held all over the world – 9/11, South-eastern Asia’s tsunami, Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina.

Innumerable studies have affirmed the significant bearing that the Art of Living’s program, especially the Sudarshan Kriya, plays in the recovery process.

Course details

Trained instructors deliver the course in approximately 20 hours, spread out over 8-10 days