As thousands across the globe fall prey to the disease through ignorance, lack of education or an incorrect lifestyle, the Art of Living has committed itself to helping the world meet this challenge. The approach is two-pronged: supporting positive people to live a healthier life while also spreading awareness and educating people on the precautionary measures.

Sri Sri has specially designed a course for HIV people which focuses on simple, breath techniques which eliminate stress and support immune function for enhanced health and a better quality of life.  The course structureunderstands the needs of positive people.The cornerstone of the program is the Sudarshan Kriya  which is a powerful breathing technique that utilizes specific rhythms of the breath to clear the body and mind,

Ways to deal with depression are given special focus, as the rate of depression among patients is twice as common when compared to a group of unaffected persons. It is understood that stress, poor mental and physical health and a sense of isolation from the community contribute to the progression of HIV infection. The Art of Living HIV Course addresses all these aspects through yoga, breath techniques, meditation and nutrition guides. Participants have said that the techniques are simple to learn and practice and have expressed comfort as these non-invasive techniques carry no side effects andcomplement any existing medical regimen.

Our programs help in
  • Stress-elimination techniques help eliminate depression, anxiety and fatigue which are born from living with HIV
  • Improve cognitive function Strengthen the respiratory system
  • Increase energy & stamina
  • Reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones) which improves immune system function
  • Enhance immune function Improve cardiovascular health
  • Restore harmony to the entire system
  • Sensitize other people to integrate positive people in society
  • Extending care & support to positive people