All Round Training in Excellence (Art Excel) - Age 8 to 13

The Art Excel is dedicated to reviving human values among children, and teaching them stress-management techniques.

Often, we ask ourselves – do children have stress?

Yet, when we talk to children, we realize that their minds mirror the violence of the world. There is too much exposure to multimedia even when their minds are too delicate to handle it. Problems associated with growing up – peer pressure, pressure to perform, bullying, violence in schools, family trouble, attention disorders

If we need children to grow into balanced, progressive individuals, they need to be given tools to handle stress and their minds. To teach children, this skill, the Art Excel (All Round Training in Excellence) program was designed. It teaches:
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Eliminates fear and anxiety
  • Enhances creative skills
  • Improves memory & concentration
  • Develops leadership qualities
  • Better interaction with others
  • Exercises to develop a healthy body
  • Pranyamas & meditation to relax the mind

Through simple exercises and games that encourage creativity and learning, this program connects with children in a fun and light atmosphere.

If your son or daughter is aged 14 to 18, take a look at the  Yes! Course.

For further details, you may visit the Art Excel website