Ayurvedic Cooking

Apart from healing, Ayurveda helps in disease prevention and health care. Most of the health problems are caused due to intake of improper diet. The Ayurvedic cooking course is a method of  personalizing food for an individual’s healing process.  It is a rational way to prepare food keeping in mind the the dietary needs  of an individual based on different body types.

Modifying recipes from world cuisines, the course teaches one to to eat according to one’s prakruti, resulting in a healthy mind and body.
Course details

A 12-hour workshop divided over 4 or 6 days
  • Learn Ayurveda
  • Learn how to deal with health problems through food
  • Practical demonstration of correct food preparation techniques without use of oil
  • Understand a diet plan according to body constitution
  • Discover substitutes for refined products & home remedies

Benefits of Ayurvedic cooking
  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Increased energy
  • Freedom from depression & anxiety
  • Sustained feelings of Sustained feelings of
  • Enhances one’s healing process
  • Maintains a healthy mind & body

For further details, you may visit the Ayurvedic Cooking course website