Part I Course/Art of Breathing (Age 18+)

Experience life fully with yoga and Meditation. Take the first step with the Art of Living Part I Course, a workshop that in just a couple of hours a day, spread over a few days, transforms the quality of your life radically.

The Part I course offers:
  • Quick stress relief techniques
  • Positive attitude towards life
  • Better health and happy life
  • Inner peace of mind
  • Increased creativity and concentration
  • Improved interpersonal relationships at home and work

among other benefits that participants report.

The Art of Living course comprises a unique blend of ancient yoga, innovative processes, interactive sessions and knowledge about the nature of the mind that leads participants from stressful to joyful living.

When can we experience our full, natural, exuberant state of mind? In the present moment –now. When we are able to shed the stress of regrets over the past and worries about the future to come, we can enter into the joyful present moment. A remarkable feature of the Art of Living course reported by participants is that it leads them into the present moment directly, as an experience, rather than a concept.

The Art of Living course has so far been taught in over 150 countries to every level and every sector of society, from farm workers to corporate businessmen, from heads of government to slum dwellers, all with remarkable results.

The cornerstone of the Art of Living Part I course, as well as other Art of Living courses, is the Sudarshan Kriya, a unique rhythmic breathing technique that thoroughly removes stress and impurities from every cell of the body, leaving it rejuvenated and the mind at peace.

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