Basic Programs

The Art of Living course offers
  • Practical tools like Sudarshan Kriya
  • Yoga Meditation to unlock your fullest potential
  • Ways to easy stress relief and enhance all aspects of your life
Participants learn
  • Heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit
  • Skills to handle the mind and negative emotions
  • Practical wisdom to improve relationships

New to The Art of Living?
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The Art of Living Part I course is your passport to a whole range of The Art of Living programs. It is available for all adults over the age of 18.

If you are a parent or are aged 8 to 14, there is a special program for children, called Art Excel, if you are a teenager there is another introductory program for you called YES!

If you are a student or just beginning your professional career and are aged 19 to 30, and you like a challenge (!) – take a look at the YES!+ course.

If you are most interested in Yoga and asanas, take a look at Sri Sri Yoga.

What more? Once you complete the Art of Living Course, we have our Follow-up-sessions. Learn more

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