Non-aggression program

Channelizing aggression and Anger Management in youth

Growing up was never easy. A few decades ago, we would hear the little complaints of ten-year-olds with a wry smile – ‘too much homework’, ‘scared of my teacher’ and ‘I don’t have enough friends.’

’Children today face challenges which are huge for their tender years – violence in schools often resulting in shoot-outs, drug abuse, promiscuous behavior at a very young age, disharmony at homes and a lack of role models.

Where does a child go? Engulfed in confusion, fear, insecurity, rejection and pressure, the child falls prey to unsocial behavioral patterns, often ending up in a detention center.

The Non-Aggression Program (NAP) seeks to give a direction to children and helps to rehabilitate them. Giving them tools to cope with their emotions, children are better able to face the myriad challenges around them in a stable and strong manner.

The program checks aggression among children, helps them to give up addiction and boosts their self-confidence. Such programs are imperative if we are to have a generation of young, responsible, happy individuals who can contribute to society.

This program has been taught with success in many parts of Europe, in the United States of America as well as other countries.

Course details

Program is held for high school children, juvenile offenders, juvenile ex-offenders, juvenile drug addicts, and socially troubled juveniles